NRM tribunal begins hearing petitions after chaotic party primaries

 The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) has set up a tribunal to look into the various petitions arising of the party primaries that were marred by acts of violence, vote rigging and bribery.

Addressing journalists in Kampala on Sunday, the deputy party Secretary-General, Mr Richard Todwong, said their team of lawyers will starting Tuesday listen to the issues at the party headquarters.

The NRM Secretary-General explained that the ongoing investigations will guide the party on the administrative measures to be taken on candidates who could have directly participated in the acts of violence.

In some areas, members were beaten and injured as rival supporters clashed, whereas in other areas, a number of people were shot and injured by security agencies during scuffles on the polling day.

The deputy party Secretary-General insisted that action ought to be taken to members found culpable of the violence so as to teach a lesson to others that such acts have no place in the country’s politics.

“We can’t become an organization that condones cheats and perpetrators of violence. We are going to weed these characters out of the party,” Todwong said.

“I call on security organs and the administrators of the justice system to ensure that all the culprits are not only made to answer for these crimes; but that they must be stopped from future electoral processes because their actions border on impunity and go against the strategic principles of the National Resistance Movement.”

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