Do not contest in 2021: Red Berets Movement calls upon Museveni

Youths from the Red Beret movement have requested President Yoweri Museveni to end his reign in 2020 promising to give him amnesty if he does not take part in the 2021 polls.

These Red Beret youths are remembered for causing anarchy in parliament when they jumped from the chambers of parliament and disorganised the legislators who were in session under the stewardship of the speaker Kadaga.

“We know he is afraid just like any leader, he keeps telling himself if I step down with all the atrocities I have committed, won’t they arrest me, won’t I be in court being held accountable, or else end up like Gaddafi, Mubarak or Bashir,” Mutasa Kafeero Charles the head Red Beret Movement said while addressing the media over the weekend.

The Red Beret Movement youths claim that despite Museveni ruling for enough time, he has failed to combat vices like unemployment and the corruption amongst government agencies which is why he should not look at running for the top office again in 2021.

“We can allow and appreciate what you have done if you agree to end your leadership in 2020. We will forgive you wherever you went wrong if you agree not to contest for presidency in 2021,” Kafeero said.

These youths further called upon religious leaders and the different stakeholders to talk to President Museveni to hand over power peacefully.

“Your land will be taken, churches will be demolished, mosques demolished because religious leaders are quiet. For this reason, I call upon all religious leaders, the police and the army to come up and join us for this cause. I want you to remember that the day peace will fail to reign in this country, you will not get it anywhere,” he said.

Kafeero added that these stake holders should tell President Museveni not to stand again because he has really finished his term and there is nothing new he is going to add to the country.

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