EXCLUSIVE: Museveni orders on French tycoon Rutabana as new details emerge

New details have emerged on the disappearance of French citizen Benjamin Rutabana, with the American human rights firm, International Relief and Human Rights Initiative (IRHRI), maintaining stance in the inquiry of the tycoon who went missing about a year ago.

Mr. Greg Smith Heavens, CEO and Founder President IRHRI, has in a missive to this website revealed that President Museveni has picked interest in the matter, thanks to the media and diplomatic conversations between French and Ugandan authorities.

Owing to the sensitivity of the matter, sources say Museveni caught wind of the matter and has long ordered for Rutabana to be protected safely rather than being detained.

Quoting unnamed sources Mr. Greg claims Rutabana is alive and well, and not being held against his will.

“While it might not sound comforting to Rutabana’s family and well-wishers that he is alive and well in Kampala, there are likely more stakes surrounding his reappearance than his disappearance”, says Greg, adding that sources informed his firm that the government of Rwanda through its Embassy in Uganda, after learning of Rutabana’s arrest, has since shown a suspicious interest in him as a high profile RNC’s Commissioner for Capacity Development.

Apparently, the French ambassador whom the court advised together with the government of Uganda to apply diplomatic means to find the whereabouts of Rutabana, said “we take note of the court ruling” only without divulging more details on how far they have reached with diplomacy or if they can confirm that Rutabana is safe and well protected”

His disappearance came amid a far-reaching standoff with his formers colleagues in the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) leaders led by Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa.

RNC sources says Kayumba who is on wanted by Rwanda administration over committing alleged atrocities received a lot of money from Rutabana, with the latter being a tycoon, in return for some favors; but former plotted to swindle the money and put Rutabana.

Rutabana has since lost ground to claim it, providing Kayumba whose funders are said to have pulled out with an opportunity to enjoy the money freely.

Kayumba in a scathing reply vehemently denied involvement in the disappearance of the tycoon adding: “What can make me happy today is being able to see him alive and safe and able to re-unite with his wife and children.”

“Firstly, it is sad because Ben Rutabana has a wife, children and extended family and until today we don’t know his whereabouts like our colleagues who have disappeared in the past. My prayer is for him to be found safe.
Unfortunately media outlets and some people associated to his family have claimed that Uganda has him and yet, a competent court in Uganda proved otherwise,” Gen. Nyamwasa said during a Talk show on Washington- based Radio Itahuka in early July.

It is obviously, he said, that Rwanda finds this case an opportunity to tarnish his name as well as the rather good image of Rwanda Nation Congress.
In fact, he says Rwanda’s hand in this case is more visible.

“I have no doubt that Rwanda knows Ben Rutabana’s whereabouts because the first person to write about his dissapearance was their agent (Tom Ndahiro). Where did he get the information?” he said.

He noted that the Kigali establishment is now now running psychological operation with the case to purposefully create confusion among his friends and family while trying to absolve themselves of any culpability.

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