High-Tech Gadgets to Help With Home Hair Care

Having trouble keeping your curls under control in this time of quarantine when a trip to the salon is a no go? No need for concern-there are clever contraptions to help you cut and care for your ever-growing hair.

Hammacher Schlemmer & Company, Inc.

This handy (literally) device from Hammacher Schlemmer is perfect for the amateur self-barber who’s looking for an even trim at home. The cordless Barber Eliminator features a round base comprised of Japanese steel rotary blades, allowing the hand-held hair trimmer to cut evenly in any direction as it follows the contours of your head. The end result is a close-cropped cut that won’t resemble the Colorado Rockies. The Eliminator adjusts to four different comb lengths, depending on the depth of trim you want, and its ergonomic design makes it an easy-to-use fit for any hand.

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