Immigration resumes issuance of passports, work permits

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has announced the resumption of issuance of passports, work permits and other services following closure over COVID-19.

However, Minister of State for Internal Affairs Obiga Kania, said they will work at 30% for the time being, with all the services to be conducted online.

“In view of the directives of President Museveni n partial lifting of the lockdown, Ministry of Internal Affairs will resume operations at 30% while observing the SOPs with effect from 29th July, 2020. The summary of services that will resume at 30% under the Ministry include: Passport & Immigration services; Registration services for identification of persons; NGO Regulations; Management of Community Service orders,” he told journalists at the media centre in Kampala.

Earlier alone, goverment announced the reducing of the processing time of the Passport from seven working Days to 48 working hours (PHOTO/File).

“Others are Demobilization, Resettlement & Reintegration of reporters. Provision of forensic & testing services. Registration of persons for National IDs, Civil Registration devices and other incidental services, he added

The minister urged all those seeking such services to apply online. He said the regional offices will also be open.

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