Zimbabwe arrests anti-corruption journalist for ‘incitement to violence’

Zimbabwean police searched the home of arrested journalist Hopewell Chin’ono, who is detained at Harare central police station

The outspoken investigative journalist was arrested Monday, along with opposition leader Jacob Ngarivhume on suspicion of “contravening incitement to participate in public violence,” police spokesman Paul Nyathi said.

The two were arrested separately in the capital Harare in a seemingly coordinated operation, ahead of anti-government and anti-graft protests planned for July 31, lawyers and police said.

A video clip recorded at the journalist’s house showed the remains of the glass door that police smashed to bust in and arrest him. 49-year-old Chin’ono is an independent award-winning journalist.

He is openly critical of the Harare administration and regularly posts commentary on social media about political and economic developments in the southern African country.

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