Traders, govt to discuss re-opening of arcades

City traders’ under umbrella body KACITA are yet to hold a meeting with government and other stakeholders in reference to re-opening of arcades.

The development comes at a time when the body asked all traders to open their businesses starting Tuesday, July 14 but “under Standard Operating Procedures.”

According to the KACITA Secretary General Thadeus Musoke, one of the motives for the urgent meeting is to harmonise on the way forward for arcade opening.

“… And to also issue a list of arcades that have been inspected and granted permission to start operating,” he said in a statement.

“And as soon as the meeting concludes, alist of arcades granted permission to operate will be published to enable swift resuming of work,” Musoke said.

He called upon members of buildings that have not yet been inspected to cooperate with them for inspection to enable their places of work be opened.

Arcades were among the places closed when the government declared a nationwide lockdown.

Later, the government eased lockdown and opened some commercial areas including stand alone shops, garages and Malls but arcades were left closed because government feared that they attract large numbers of people.

Last week, the Minister of Kampala Affairs, Betty Amongi issued guidelines to arcade owners before the business centres can be reopened.

The guidelines issued include; keeping the premises and access ways clean, hygienic and not blocked, and that corridors and access ways are free of any obstruction, stockpiles and temporarily structures.

The arcade owners and the business people who operate in the business centres were asked to have adequate natural lighting and ventilation in the premises, a dedicated entry and exit point and dedicated persons to man them at all times.

She said there should be a closed Circuit Television Camera-CCTV at each entry, exit and level and a body temperature screening of clients and attendants using functional infrared thermometers. There should be a dedicated isolation room in case they get any suspects.

There should be handwashing facilities, areas of convenience and dust bins. There should also be cleaners dressed in personal protective gear and that there should be adequate detergents to use in cleaning.

All tenants and attendants operating were asked to be registered and that they should wear masks and keep two meters away from their customers. Barriers should be put to ensure distancing.

The Minister said all customers entering the arcades should be wearing masks and maintain a two-meter physical distancing. Management is also required to appoint compliance officers after training them on the guidelines set.

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