Sorrow as bomb kills two LDU’s and injuires six

Two Local Defence Unit (LDU) trainees have been killed and six others injured by a bomb that was fired by their colleagues during a training exercise in Ruhengyere, Mbarara District.

According to sources, the rocket propelled bomb hit the LDUs who had taken defensive positions in the training camp on Monday morning.

“This is one of the accidents that happen when our personnel are training and it is unfortunate that they have lost their lives in the process. Two died and six are nursing injuries. We have informed their immediate relatives and we shall be responsible for the burial of these people,” Brig Karemire said.

It is not clear why the LDUs, who are recruited and trained to fight crime, would be using deadly rocket propelled grenades which are used during war.

“The bomb came from the opposite direction towards where the LDUs were training from. It went off and killed them and several were rushed to hospital where they are nursing injuries,” the sources said.

Courtesy of Daily Monitor,

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