Formula 1 season preview: ‘F1 sets off on mystery tour like no other’

F1, like much of the rest of society, is tentatively emerging from coronavirus lockdown, and the location chosen is the isolated environs of Austria’s Red Bull Ring.

The season, which had to be shut down in Melbourne back in March before a wheel had turned in anger, restarts with three races on consecutive weekends.

Two are on the compact but demanding track in the foothills of the Styrian Alps, followed by a third at the Hungaroring outside Budapest.

This is the start of a hectic run of eight races in 10 weeks across Europe, including two in Britain, which F1 hopes will be the start of a World Championship comprising something like 15 to 18 races.

As things stand, though, the exact shape of the rest of the season remains uncertain, other than it will definitely end in the Middle East with races in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi.

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