Ethiopia PM rejects talk of transitional govt amid delayed polls

From Agencies,

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday rejected the idea of forming a transitional government when his term of office expires in October, brushing aside fears of a constitutional crisis.

The August election was viewed by many observers as test for Abiy Ahmed since coming to office in April 2018. But the election commission announced at the end of March that the coronavirus outbreak has made it impossible to organise the poll as planned.

Answering questions in parliament, the prime minister noted the formation of a interim government would be unconstitutional.

He also reiterated the willingness of his Prosperity Party to contest the election adding he is not afraid of elections.

Abiy Ahmed recently accused the opposition of seeking to exploit the uncertainty created by the pandemic in order to claim more power.

But opposition parties have accused the prime minister of taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to stay in power.

On Monday the Speaker of the upper house of parliament, Keria Ibrahim resigned in protest, saying she is not going to work with a group that “violates the constitution and practices dictatorship.”

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