Lira Referral Hospital discharges first Covid-19 patient

From Agencies,

Lira Regional Referral Hospital at the weekend discharged one of the Covid-19 patients who has been receiving treatment at the facility.

The 36-year-old Ugandan was the first case admitted at the treatment centre on May 14, 2020.

Dr John Stephen Oboo, the Lira hospital director, said four more patients who have tested negative would also be discharged soon.

“We have had 21 patients admitted to our treatment centre. The patients have been stable and they are doing well. But as the protocol requires, we have to do a number of tests to ensure that they are negative before we can discharge them.”

“The first test is conducted within the 14 days and we always pick the test on the sixteenth day,” Lira hospital director explained.

“And once the two tests turn negative, and then the patient is ready for discharge. We have a number of patients who have tested negative for the first test and we are waiting for the results of the second test.

So over the coming weeks, we hope that we shall be able to discharge a number of patients.”

The recovered patient said Ugandans should not think the virus is only meant for the truck drivers.

“Those who are still out there don’t think this virus is for truck drivers only,” the discharged patient said. “If you get any sign of the virus don’t relax, come and get treatment don’t run away.”

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