Ghana coronavirus: 6,808 cases, phase out lifting of restrictions – church group

From Agencies,

A major religious group is advocating a phased lifting of remaining restrictions in the country. General Secretary of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council, Rev. Emmanuel Barrigah told local network Citi FM that a gradual lifting will better equip institutions and people to adapt to the new state of affairs.

The current restriction expires in days and the president has severally hinted that further lifting was on the cards. Last week he advised that citizens must learn to live with the virus when he granted audience to chiefs from the Anlo State.

More recently, during the Eid-ul-Fitr virtual event on state TV, he dropped stronger hints of a lifting of more restrictions. One of the most stringent one in place is ban on public gatherings. Some have said it has affected the church most due to lack of tithes and offertory.

Rev. Barrigah said: “When we think about the easing of restrictions, we are not thinking of a sudden lifting of the ban on social gatherings including churches –for instance, an announcement coming in a day telling us to reopen the following day for activities.

“We think we should put in place certain protocols and then educate our members so that when we start with the new normal life of the church, we will know how to behave when we come to church at all times.”

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