Nigeria coronavirus: Almost 3,000 cases, Gombe patients protest ‘poor care’

By close of day May 5, there were 2950 confirmed cases of CIOVID-19 in Nigeria, 481 discharged and 98 deaths the NCDC reported.

Of the 148 new cases, the breakdown were as follows: 43-Lago, 32-Kano, 14-Zamfara, 10-FCT, 9-Katsina, 7-Taraba, 6-Borno, 6-Ogun, 5-Oyo, 3-Edo, 3-Kaduna, 3-Bauchi, 2-Adamawa, 2-Gombe, 1-Plateau, 1-Sokoto and 1-Kebbi.

The news spotlight was in Gombe on Tuesday where persons in isolation protested against poor health care. They blocked a road as part of their protests as locals stood by looking.

An official explained that they were asymptomatic despite being infected hence required lesser medical attention, he also dismissed the poor feeding claims.

Despite having been persuaded to return to the center, authorities are urging persons who might have come into contact with any of them to self-isolate. Gombe is the fourth most infected state with 98 cases only behind Lagos, Kano, FCT and Borno who occupy the top four slots in that order.

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