Owner of goat knocked by Museveni’s convoy compensated with Shs 800,000

The owner of the goat that was knocked and injured by President Museveni’s car has been compensated with Shs 800,000, Nile Post has learnt.

While delivering an address on the update of the COVID-19 situation in Uganda on Sunday, President Museveni revealed that his car had knocked a goat around Seeta to Bweyogerere areas but he wasn’t sure if the goat had survived.

President Museveni said that although the owner of the goat was supposed to compensate him, he asked him to get in touch with the DISO of the area and the State House Comptroller so that he can be compensated.

While addressing the press on Monday at ISO offices in Nakasero, Maj. Alex Abenatwe, the Director of ISO in Kampala Metropolitan area said that he received the directive

“The message I have is to compensate for the goat because it may not be as effective as it was. So I talked to him and valued his goat at shs 600, 000 that I am going to give him with an extra shs. 200,000 to help him with transport and other costs,” Abenatwe said.

Speaking to the press shortly after receiving his money, the owner of the goat who was identified as Rashid Ssemwanga said that he didn’t expect to be compensated.

“Initially I was afraid but later on I was reassured after the President appeared on TV. I was very surprised that the president did something like this and compensated me. I am happy and my goat didn’t die so I will now treat it,” Ssemwanga said.

A witness, Nanteza Ruth said that at the time of the incident, President Museveni’s convoy was on its way from Jinja where he had been inspecting works to clear a floating island that invaded Nalubaale dam and caused a nation-wide blackout.

“The two cars of the convoy passed, then the goat jumped into the road, one of the cars with soldiers on top swerved past the goat which ran in the direction of one of the big cars. I think this is where the President was seated,” Nanteza told this website.

“The driver pressed the brakes and moved to the left side and the goat hit the edge of the car towards the back. The goat fell but stood up quickly and limped away from the scene while the convoy continued with its pace,” she added.

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