Lockdown: MP Zaake arrested for distributing relief food

Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake has been arrested and detained for distributing relief food to locals in his constituency contrary to the presidential directives.

According to Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, Zaake disobeyed lawful orders by negligently distributing relief food which could have led to spread of the deadly coronavirus infection.

“The MP was distributing at least 2kgs of rice, and sugar to selected households in Buswabulongo and Kiwawu villages in Mityana Municipality; outside the guidelines and new protocols by the National Task Force, a national fundraising and food distribution task team, that is overseeing all forms of support to vulnerable families facing hunger or struggling to afford food within Uganda, during this period of the pandemic,”Enanga said.

The police publicist said there are protocols and guidelines set by the national task force to facilitate donation of quality food items, fit for human consumption, by having it certified by the UNBS.

“This is also to ensure it is distributed in an orderly manner by the food distribution teams, which are screened to further reduce the risk of spreading the virus to vulnerable families benefiting from the food donations. The new protocols arose following a case of donated food that was found to be unfit for human consumption.”

He said that Zaake flouted all these guidelines leading to his arrest.

“We call upon anyone who would wish to donate food items to observe the guidelines and safe protocols in place to avoid endangering the safety of all beneficiaries.”

President Museveni last month warned that politicians found distributing relief food against the guidelines by government will face attempted murder charges and thrown into prison.

“I call upon the different politicians who are busy making distributions of rations to our people that they are creating a fertile ground for the spread of coronavirus. Put aside your love for popularity and politics and avoid calling people to gather in the name of giving them food. If you genuinely have a contribution to make, get in touch with the national task force that is in charge and we shall be grateful. In return, you can as well gain your popularity; we shall record your name and give you all the publicity you want, even if you want to sleep on TV. Most importantly God will recognise and reward you,”Museveni said.

“Because of greed for power they think this will make them popular yet they infect people. You are an enemy and we are going to crush you. These shameless opportunists are enemies of Uganda & Africa who want to give food. The police will arrest and charge you for attempted murder because you are trying to kill Ugandans. This idiot says you come and I give you food. You are the enemy. We shall crush you.”

The president insisted that those who want to give relief should do it through the government task force or else they face arrest and attempted murder charges slapped on them if they insist on giving the relief aid themselves.

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