You are my saviors – 75-year-old praises relief food distributors

An old woman (75) has for some time survived by the mercy of well-wishers and neighbors. She stays alone after her family deserted her. She is now old, sick, weak and without a source of income for a livelihood. 

Neighbors have always checked on the fragile ‘Jajja’ as she is popularly known, to provide some little food for daily survival until on Monday, April 13 when the Office of the Prime Minister started distributing COVID-19 relief food in Katwe, one of the highly populated slums in Kampala city.  

The food distribution team, who include Local Defense Unit personnel and UPDF were guided to her room. They found her cooking from inside her room. 

She had to be supported by a local council official out of her room to receive her food.

Despite a disturbing poor vision, she put on a smile, though finding difficulty to recognize the team that had brought her the food. 

“Ooh my God, what is this, I am overwhelmed with joy,” she murmured. 

The UPDF officer identified as AB Bertin, who commanded the team handed her two tins of milk, one kilogram of sugar, a bag of maize flour and beans as LC officials cheered for her.

There was however concern whether her food would be safe.

She said she has three daughters but they were living on their own in other parts of the city. She could not easily recall their names.

Angella Namukasa, a Red Cross volunteer talked to her briefly to register her details like the rest of the beneficiaries in Lubiri Ring-Road zone, Katwe 1 Parish.

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