Coronavirus: Uganda’s cases jump to 18

President Museveni has announced that Uganda has confirmed four new cases of the COVID19 bringing country’s total to 18 cases.

In a message on his social media platforms, Museveni said that a total of 104 returnees from Dubai, United Arab Emirates were tested on March 25, 2020 and they were all negative.

He said that yesterday ( March 26, 2020) other 197 people from Dubai and elsewhere were tested and only 4 tested positive.

“These 4 had been under institutional quarantine in the various hotels identified by the sub-committee on quarantine. They have been evacuated to Mulago Hospital for treatment,” the President said.

“It seems, therefore, that efforts of identifying by temperature monitoring at the airport, quarantining the people on whom there’s some suspicion and tracing the ones who escaped from quarantine is working well.”

The president also that the majority of the 14 people who were hospitalized at Entebbe, Mulago and Masaka with the virus are responding well to the treatment and ‘seem to be improving.”

Museveni thanked the public for embracing the measures announced by him and the ministry of Health although he said that it could be too early to accurately determine whether Uganda is defeating the virus or not.

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