To minimize movement and discourage people from taking unsafe journeys, the President of Uganda has announced that all public transport means have been suspended for 14 days:

  1. Taxis,
  2. Passenger trains,
  3. Bodas,
  4. Taxis,
  5. Coach
  6. Coasters
  7. Mini buses
  8. Tuk Tuks, etc.

Only vehicles allowed to move will be trucks, lorries, pick-ups and Van’s to transport cargo and food items.

Boda bodas can be allowed if they are transporting food only.

Only vehicles allowed to move will be private vehicles but will not be allowed to transport more than 3 people including the driver.

Only others allowed to move will be ambulances and cars for police, army, government vehicles doing essential work, vehicles for sanitary services e.g. garbage collection will be allowed to move.

2nd additional measure is to introduce some changes in markets, to ensure they are not closed. The markets to remain open will only be for selling food stuff, vegetables, fruits, etc.

They will be required to maintain “social distance.”

All markets selling non-food items have been suspended to reduce the crowing in markets.

3rd additional measure.

Each office to work out arrangements for maintaining essential staff to provide services.

Each department should work out a rota or system of maintaining essential staff that are needed to remain on duty.

Ugandans encouraged to do business without requiring too much movement, but using shared means of transport e.g whole going to the supermarket.

Also government will require limitation of the number of people entering a supermarket at any time, so there isn’t too much overcrowding there. Better to use delivery services from supermarkets e.g. by using boda bodas. We are all encouraged to do business without exposure.

In Kampala, companies will be identified and licensed to start providing delivery services for essential items.

The President of Uganda has advised we read and follow Isaiah 26:20.

Reminded us to follow the Ministry of Health guidelines and directives regarding Coronavirus.

And…he wished us God’s protection.

Finally, now that Uganda has diagnosed Coronavirus cases in other parts of the country otherness than Kampala and Entebbe; the government has services for transporting blood samples to the government laboratory services to test the samples for COVID-19.

Uganda has over 100 hubs to transport the blood samples in each Health Centre 4. They will know how to transport the blood samples.

The President has directed that all government vehicles on the districts should be centralized at the district head quarters under the command of the District Health Officer, to assist in transporting and collecting any person who is identified or suspected to have Coronavirus.

The government will endeavor to provide fuel for all these government vehicles in the over 100 districts across Uganda.

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