Police has issued new guidelines to public transport operators throughout the country.

On Sunday, President Museveni asked Ugandans to avoid using public transport systems if they don’t have private means.

He noted he could not ban the use of public transport means because they are used by many people across the country.

However, Police has now issued guidelines to be followed by all managers of public transport means.

“Taxis must carry only two passengers per seat. The Inspector General of Police gave these orders and traffic officers must enforce them,”Enanga said.

Taxi operators have also been asked to provide facilities that would see passengers wash hands before entering taxis on top of regularly disinfecting their vehicles.

Consequently, according to the new measure, taxis will now carry nine instead of 14 passengers whereas buses will carry 59 passengers.

However, taxi operators might increase fares to fill the gap of the six passengers following the directive.

Addressing the nation on Sunday, Museveni said he is contemplating a ban the use of public transport means but asked that in the meantime if possible, these should be avoided.

“If you don’t have your private means of transport, don’t use public transport. Stay at home. I don’t want to ban them but I am trying to discourage you (citizens) from using them,” Museveni said on Sunday afternoon.

Museveni said public transport means are puzzling him because they are one of the avenues that would see the spread of coronavirus if a sick person is among those in the public transport means.

“In the public transport, people sit together in a bus or taxi. I appeal to you that if you have no private transport, stay home and postpone that business because it can wait.”

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