Entebbe: Planes to be sprayed for coronavirus

The government has directed that every aircraft that lands at the Entebbe Airport be sprayed for coronavirus, whereas all aircraft from high-risk countries are banned from landing at the airport.

The message is obtained in a circular by Civil Aviation Authority Director General David Kakuba, dated March 19th, 2020.

According to the circular, travel by all passengers coming into Uganda from any high-risk countries has been suspended indefinitely.

The circular also indicates that for a passenger to make a booking on the acceptable flights, airlines will ensure that the person has a prior booking at any of the government designated quarantine facilities.

“All airlines are required to provide advance passenger manifests to the relevant port health office at the airport,” the circular reads in part.

“After disembarking of passengers, the aircraft shall be sprayed for Covid-19 in accordance with the operators’ arrangements. All operators shall be required to submit spraying SOPs to the Ministry of Health Uganda for acceptance,’ the circular continues.

Accordingly, all airline crew will be quarantined for a specified time at the expense of the airline upon arrival.

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