Covid-19: Press conferences suspended, media houses directed to get journalists protection gear

The Uganda Media Council, a body that is constitutionally established to regulate mass media, has ordered the immediate suspension of all press conferences by different stakeholders as a means of preventing coronavirus.

The pronouncement is carried in a statement by the council chairman Paulo Ekochu following a meeting yesterday.

“All national and local governments, departments and agencies as well as private sector organizations are advised to suspend al live coverage of press conferences,” the statement reads in part.

Ekochu adds that incase the press conference is unavoidable or urgent, members will have to comply with the ministry of health standard operation procedures on containing COVID-19 that will b availed.

The media council has also called upon media houses to assist the government in the containment of the pandemic by engaging with the government at all levels to relay announcements at a community level.

“These live feeds should b enabled to receive questions and answers from and to the public. This kind of facilitation will minimize the need for crowded engagement and risk of infections therefrom.”

The council also directed media houses to provide their journalists with protective gear such as sanitizer liquid, face masks and gloves.

To avoid misinformation and fake news, media houses have been advised to obtain content from official platforms and designated personnel.

“This will help in countering misinformation,” Ekochu said.

The advisory by media council is effecting for 32 days starting Friday.

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