GreenHill headteacher says modern approach key to careers

Mr. Benon Takirambudde, the Headteacher at Green hill Academy, Buwaate has on Wednesday March 18, encouraged the use of modern education techniques including the parent-teacher partnerships so as to guide pupils and students towards the right career paths.

Mr Takirambudde was speaking to the Human Resource Managers Association of Uganda (HRMAU) during a Career Guidance talk hosted by Green Hill Academy, Buwaate.

A veteran school administrator, Mr Takirambudde said modern education techniques involve strong partnerships between parents and teachers along with the children which helps a lot in career guidance.

Another technique key in modern days is parenting talks, which helps bring the parents up to speed with the changing needs of their children that may be observed at school, but unknown at home.

“At Green Hill, we host parenting talks where parents are invited to talk to the children. This is to enable parents to know what careers their children want to pursue and to avoid pulling of ropes. This is because, parents usually want to decide for their children,” he said.

The technique helps bring in the children into the decision making, helping them share the vision.

Benon Takkirambudde, Headteacher Green Hill Academy, Buwate, giving his talk (PHOTO/Agnes Kiconco)

“[This approach to] career guidance therefore enables the children to stay focused at a young age and do what they do best without colliding with their parents,” Mr Takirambudde said.

During the session, Ms Betty Ogiel Rubanga, author of ‘Against All Odds’ shared her motivation story about her past as a girl-child who was orphaned and raised in the most neglected area of Uganda at that time—Karamoja. Her greatest dream was to get an education, but she had to go through so many heartbreaking obstacles to achieve that dream.

In her book — ‘Against All Odds’ — she narrates the memoirs of resilience, determination, and luck amidst hardship for an African girl child in her passionate pursuit for education.

In her narration, she encouraged the pupils not to be discouraged by the hardships that come along in the pursuit of their dream careers.

“Obstacles will come along the journey of pursuing your career but don’t be discouraged because there is no substitute for hard work,” Ms Rubanga said.

With activities such as career guidance, the HRMAU hopes to shape the change narrative as a means of giving back to the community.

The career guidance is part of a series of events in commemorating 20 years of the Association’s existence which will take place on March 20, 2020.

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