Man asks court to suspend 2021 polls over Coronavirus

A man has filed an application to the civil division of the High Court seeking for orders to suspend the 2021 general elections over Coronavirus outbreak.

Abey Mgugu says in his application that according the World Health Organization, since Coronavirus spreads through close contact with an infected person, it is suicidal to allow campaigns and elections go on which could be a risk to citizens.

“I reasonably believe that based on the nature of how coronavirus spreads, the Ugandan community will not freely exercise their political rights which is a crucial element of democracy due to the restricted movement and association,”Mgugu contends

“I believe the threat of coronavirus will affect election monitoring due to restrictions on immigration that will affect election observers who are necessary in ensuring free and fair elections.”

The petitioner avers that because campaigns involve mass rallies where people come together to listen to candidates’ manifestos,it puts a risk to their lives to contract coronavirus.

He notes states that the social, economic and political life of the country is threatened by the spread of the dangerous natural disaster which demands that court declares a state of health emergency.

According to Mgugu, the forthcoming general elections should be suspended until 2026 when the deadly Coronavirus is dealt with.

The Electoral Commission and the Attorney General are respondents to the petition.

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