Government: Struggles to improve quality of teachers

From Agencies,

Government is struggling to improve the quality of teachers and a number of avenues have been put in place to have the quality of teachers improved.

This was revealed by the Assistant Commissioner Teacher Education ministry of Education and sports Jonathan Kamwana at the Uganda Media Centre.

Kamwana said the formulation of the new teacher policy is one of the pathways government is using to have teachers of the 21st century.

Changing entry requirements for Grade III teachers is one of the avenues for improving teacher quality.

The new National Teachers’ Policy stipulates that the minimum qualification for teachers regardless of the level of education they teach shall be a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

According to the ministry of Education teacher training department this will go a long way in improving quality.

“A motivated, technologically updated, engaged and a happy teacher is what government is looking for in the 21st century teacher and this will only be achieved if government improves teacher quality. Improving school environment, training school heads on institutional leadership to improve on their human resource management is another approach that educationists look at as away of having a better teacher,” he said.

The ministry of Education shall organise a teachers’ education symposium that will attract educationists across the country to address issues of quality.

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