Tororo: Uganda Police Force areests 3 suspects for theft of Goverment drugs

The police in Tororo arrested 3 suspects in connection with the alleged theft of drugs from Tororo main hospital on the 17/02/2020 at around 2pm. The suspects used an ambulance belonging to the hospital under Reg number UG 3701, and transported a box containing 2000 pieces of dexamethasone inject-able drugs under batch number l 0313, which was recovered and exhibited.

The suspects include; Obbo Isaac, a store man at Nagongera HC IV, Opuna Dan Peter, a store man at Tororo HC IV and Ocho Hussein , the driver to the ambulance.

We believe the practice has been ongoing on for a while and would like to thank the public who tipped police. The arrest should put corrupt hospital workers who take advantage of their insider status to steal drugs on notice; we shall continue targeting them for arrest and prosecution.




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