Royal wedding looms as Kabaka’s daughter accepts to marry man from Tororo

A royal wedding is upon us, ladies and gentlemen. This is after the first daughter of Buganda Kingdom Kabaka agreed to a marriage proposal of city socialite Gareth Onyango.

Onyango who hails from Tororo has been dating Kabaka’s daughter Victoria Nkinzi, almost coming close to marrying the princess in 2019, when Onyango proposed to Nkinzi during their holiday in Qatar.

However, the wedding plan could have been replaced by jetlag as nothing happened later except for the two lover birds to keep showing pictures of themselves stuck together like glue.

The good news is that the wedding is back on, with the events manager proposing to Nkinzi and the latter saying yes.

Onyango took to his Instagram to announce the news.

“She said YES” he posted, before splashing pictures of them swapping saliva.

Onyango has been in a relationship before with fellow socialite Nikita Bachu but their relationship crashed in 2016.

At about the same time, Onyango started hitting on the princess who had become an ardent member of his night events at Cayenne Bar in Bukoto.

The two then announced they were dating during Nkinzi’s birthday celebrations in Thailand.

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