Kampala: Hon. Seninde aplauds for UBTEB for its role played in skills and development

 The Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) has released the November/December 2019 end of program examinations results for Uganda Community Polytechnics Certificate (UCPC) and Advanced Craft Programs.

The 15th series of the final year examinations of UBTEB was conducted from November 18 to December 14, 2019.

The results were handed over to the First Lady and Minister of Education Janet Museveni by the UBTEB Board Chairman Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha at the President’s office auditorium.

Honorable Janet Museveni said she had taken note of the poor performance in Mathematics and English and said the Ministry has been challenged to set up more libraries in every part of the country.

The minister also said that the government continues to prioritize skills acquisition and called upon all the partners in the public sector to mentor the young graduates as they serve their apprenticeship in their industries and firms.

“Once we make children like skills, they’ll take them up even in school. Germany which takes technical & vocational schools seriously has the lowest level of unemployment so I applaud @UBTEB for its role played in skill development in Uganda” Hon. Seninde says.

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