CFC Updates: The Annual Youth Conference highlights

The Annual Youth Confrence has been hosted at Christianity Focus Centre (CFC) with the theme “Make Your Lantern Lit” from Mathew 25:8.

Motivational and educative talks from the Guest speaker; Aps. Kayongo Rogers, Pr. Ramathan Mukisa and Aps. Steven Kabunga where all there. The men of God highlighted the challenges faced by the youth and; they guided and gave solutions to over come them. Youth where educated and guided in opening and operating small business. Sanitation and health tips where spoted to the youth to control infections, STI’s , STD’s and many more.

Youth Pastor speaking to the youth
Ssenga Madina educating
Bp. Ramathan Mukisa speaking to the youth

Hiv/AIDs testing and counselling services were facilitated at the Conference at free of charge

the Youth having the HIV/AID’s testing

Eats and Drinks were more than enough…….

Lots of Entertainment: Singing Dancing, and Drama where exhibited. Performances from musicians; John Mary, The Voice, Don Zaabu..

youth performing a dance
it was lots of fun and entertainment…

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